Pleasure, Pain and Eternity

cover.jpgPleasure, Pain and Eternity gathers to its bosom a collection of poems by Ernest Samuel Llime. As expected, a lot of them are of an erotic nature. Others however range from the whimsical, through the fantastic and all the way to the mystical realms.

Interestingly, he has also gathered some of his song lyrics and again, it is hard to know what to expect. His lyrics are quite close in their nature to his poems and they include quite a lot of references to the Goddess in Her multitude of forms. Other lyrics, like Sinderella and the Shoe Store Clerk can sound jocular and lustful at the same time, while others yet, sing of lust and betrayal and would be quite at home in a country singer’s repertoire.
In general, it is a fun and at times thought provoking tour de force and a fitting companion to his other works.

About Myra Levine

2016 - Happy New Year to one and all. I did promise to write some reviews for this guy, but I am currently very busy. I scanned through some of Mr. Llime's scribbles and it seems that I should be the one reviewing his stuff. He does seem to write about things that are closer to my lifestyle than to his. I am actually going to read some more of his stuff when I get the time and possibly experiment with it. But, as they say, those who can: do - and those who can't: write about it. Well I'm a doer and there are so many more men to do out there in the world. Ciao baby!
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