In the Eye of the Beholder


Eye of the BeholderMr. Llime is once again turning his writer’s craft as well as his childish mind in a sexual direction. The stories in this collection are no less eclectic than the ones n his previous volume. We are treated to inventions about the Japanese auto industry, fantastic shenanigans in the Mile High Club, alternative after-life scenarios, strange military training, rousing cooking competition events and other such unusual settings for sexual play. Though some of the stories have quite pedestrian settings, others are happening purely in the realm of fantasy. There are also a couple of Sci-Fi entries that postulate unlikely but possible future events.

So, even though the events happening to Timmy the Timid are absolutely absurd and (at least partially) unbelievable. the story is quite enjoyable. A man turning into a parrot is also quite fantastic, but once again, good solid story.

In this collection Mr. Llime went even further with his fantastic world. Not satisfied with his imaginary characters, he also created some imaginary writers who interact with him in and out of his stories. I was asked not to divulge which ones were what. There is a note inside the book that reveals that information.

Before I sum it all up, I have to make a point about the age of some protagonists. They appear to be a bit too young, but it becomes clear after reading on, that they are in fact a lot older than they look and there is a  valid story telling reason to their outward appearance.

Bottom line: I stand by my previous observation. Llime brings the mind of a child, eye of a man and craft of a writer to the exploration of sexual encounters. Keep this book on your night table next to a large box of Kleenex tissues.


About A Haggard Reader

No, that is not my name. Ernie S Llime has asked me to help with his review site and I thought it would be fun to take him down a couple of notches now and then. Also I am not really Flea, I just liked the name. I think he asked others as well and I know at least one other who has opted to use a pseudonym - what the ... the Llime ain't a Llime either!
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