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2016 - Happy New Year to one and all. I did promise to write some reviews for this guy, but I am currently very busy. I scanned through some of Mr. Llime's scribbles and it seems that I should be the one reviewing his stuff. He does seem to write about things that are closer to my lifestyle than to his. I am actually going to read some more of his stuff when I get the time and possibly experiment with it. But, as they say, those who can: do - and those who can't: write about it. Well I'm a doer and there are so many more men to do out there in the world. Ciao baby!

20th Century Women

So, as Mr. Llime was out of the country for a few months, no one was here to crack the whip, so I forgot all about his reviews. Apparently, the other guys (or rather guy, cause I think he made … Continue reading

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Pleasure, Pain and Eternity

Pleasure, Pain and Eternity gathers to its bosom a collection of poems by Ernest Samuel Llime. As expected, a lot of them are of an erotic nature. Others however range from the whimsical, through the fantastic and all the way … Continue reading

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A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology

I have just finished A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology. Ernie had sent me a copy and asked me to review it when I got a chance. One of his stories had won a contest of some sort and was published in … Continue reading

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