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About Oort Cloud Reviews

Oort Cloud Reviews was started by Llime Works Press. Originally, it was intended as an in-house platform that the staff was using to review music, literature, movies and multi-media works. Some of the reviewed works were published by Llime Works Press. So, an outsider might think that those reviews might be a bit biased. Well, if you ever worked in an office, you know about all the rivalries and undertows that are rife in such environments. Anyway, it is here and we hope that some of these reviews will introduce the world to exciting works that they not have otherwise encountered.

Black Panther

Two thumbs down! I went to a movie theater to see this one. The teaser or trailer as they sometimes call it had Gil-Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in it. I did not know anything about the … Continue reading

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